We provide all kinds of translation solutions to many companies & individual clients. We have the honour to be on the panel of various large multinational and Indian Companies of repute, to advice and assist and help them in linguistic collaborations at all levels, professionally translating various world languages with Asian, European & especially Indian Languages.

For all translation projects, regardless of scope, industry or volume, TranSolutions works with commonly-used Translation Memory tools such as SDL Trados, etc as well as client-specific tools if necessary.

With this expertise, we offer services of translation, interpretation, localization, staffing for translation / interpretation works and desktop publishing to organizations and individuals all over the world.

Our translators have professional backgrounds, including the followings:
Information Technology
Health care and Pharmacy
General business documents (E.g. brochures, reports, letters, and certificates etc.)

We offer translation, interpretation, localization, staffing for translation / interpretation works and desktop publishing in over 150 languages. Our services facilitate you to communicate with your target market in their own language and culture and bring you closer to the heart of your target audience.

Whether you are planning to expand abroad, communicate effectively with your colleagues/clients in different geographical locations, understand documents written in another language or send documents in your clients' language, localize your website to your customer's location, write creative, we have the professional capability and the expertise to assist you.


Document translation
Technical Translation
Website Translation
Legal Translation
Medical Translation
Certified Translation


Interpretation refers to the service of vocally interpreting the speaker who speaks a different language into a language that the audience understands and vice versa. Transolutions interpreters can interpret speakers in most of the National/international languages to the language that the audience or listeners understand.


Academic Transcription
Business Transcription
Marketing Transcription
Podcast Transcription
Video Transcription
Interview Transcription
And Many More


Television Promo
Audio Book:
Radio Imaging