We at TranSolutions strive for excellence by providing customized solutions & services that best satisfies there requirements of our Customers and continuously improve quality, reliability & service with the help of an effective Quality Management System. We follow a strict confidentiality policy, so as to ensure the non disclosure nature of your requirement.

Why TranSolutions for Recruitment?

TranSolutions should be retained as one of the best hiring agency in your panel of recruiters.
Recruitment Services from TranSolutions can actually save organisation's Time and Money.
Most of the requirements given to TranSolutions, need not be advertised, saving the client money spent in advertising.
Time spent on reading resumes of and interviewing unqualified and undesirable candidates is eliminated.
The majority of resumes that we provide our clients conform to a standard format clients have found informative and comprehensive.
We also present our professional comments on candidature, if so desired by the client. Our professional fee is due only when you hire someone we have referred.

Why TranSolutions for Translation?

There are three fundamental principles that guide us in providing a high-quality and professional translation service:
1.Professionalism: We employ hundreds of accredited and certified translators and interpreters. Their considerable knowledge and wide experience ensure that you get the highest quality translation in practically every subject area. All-Translations Company complies with the code of Professional Ethics and Business Conduct, strictly observed among translation companies, and does not disclose confidential information to third parties.
2. Quality: Every translation project goes through a multi-tier quality control process. This implies an ongoing monitoring and verification to ensure that your project meets all the translation requirements.
3. Availability of translation: It is easy to make oneself lost in this ever-changing world of words and meanings. But our translation company is always there to give you a helping hand and guide you throughout the entire process of translation.