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Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

We are pleased to introduce us ourselves a well-established and professionally managed hrd center serving different needs of employers. Our team consists of experts with long standing experience in various fields which enable us to understand the organizational requirements.

TRANSOLUTIONS is established Recruitment Company which has been promoted by a group of professionals with an aim to serve the prospective clients who’re looking for suitable candidates for filling the present and future positions in their esteemed organizations.

We have for reference very high profile & top-notch companies as our client-base. Our endeavor is to recruit high professionals for our clients. Our Company maintains a strong data bank of candidates in multiple fields, be it Information Technology, Engineering, Hospitality, Marketing, Legal, Secretarial, Finance, Accounts, Exports / Imports, HRD, Administration, Commercial, Liaison, etc. This helps us in responding to our clients' needs in the shortest possible time, which is critical in these evolving times. It also means that we have the right candidate for the right post, technical as well as non-technical. Our candidates not only have been playing an active role in our clients' growth, but have also grown personally.

Industry Catered to:

  • FMCG & Consumer Durables.
  • Information Technology & Telecom Services
  • Service Industry
  • Media etc.
  • Auto Industry

Our Search Process:

Once an assignment is got, it is internally structured in order to have an in-depth and a more broad based understanding. Prospective candidates are generated through various sources such as internal database, advertising and walk-ins. Every candidate is short listed based on his resume and certain other parameters like attitude, job knowledge, personality, communication skills etc to ensure that you get only the best talent.

Type of Recruitment we offer:
  • Permanent staffing
  • Contractual Staffing
  • Temporary staffing

Our philosophy is to establish a long-term relationship with the client.
Why Transolutions for Recruitment?:
TRANSOLUTIONS should be retained as one of the best hiring agency in your panel of recruiters..
 Recruitment Services from TRANSOLUTIONS can actually save organisation's Time and Money :
 Most of the requirements given to TRANSOLUTIONS, need not be advertised, saving the client money spent in advertising.
Time spent on reading resumes of and interviewing unqualified and undesirable candidates is eliminated.
 The majority of resumes that we provide our clients conform to a standard format clients have found informative and comprehensive.
 We also present our professional comments on candidature, if so desired by the client. Our professional fee is due only when you hire someone we have referred.