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Multilingual digital solutions

  • Translation, transcreation and original content for digital marketing.
  • Web content for digital marketing
  • Email campaign
  • Infographics localization
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Ebooks
  • Landing pages
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Multilingual SEM
  • Audio and video content
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Software and app localization

A complete app globalization and localization strategy and management


Localization of software involves customization (translation and adaptation) of your software programs and software applications for your customers in any country, especially those countries which have a different language and culture. We offers you solutions with the help of latest technology to ensure a user friendly interface.

Fully integrated units provide end-to-end software development and localization services.
A standard software localization project involves the following steps:
  • Analysis of the materials received and evaluation of the tools and resources needed for the software
  • Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment
  • Translation to the target language.
  • Adaptation of the user interface
  • Localization of the graphics, texts and other visual materials of the software.
  • Compilation and the build of localized files for testing.
  • Linguistic and quality check

Project Delivery

There are several benefits of localization, particularly software localization. Here are some of them:
  • Software localization is much quicker than traditional translation and localization of non-software products. A software product can be localized while it is still being developed. As such, it can be localized into various language during the time period when the software is being developed.
  • Software localization removes linguistic and cultural oddities of a product. If a mobile phone of a Chinese manufacturing company is meant to be sold for the Indian market, then the product will have to be localized so that the product interface is familiar.
  • Localization also leads to a wider audience reach
  • Once a product is localized for various regional markets, then it automatically fetches international repute for your company
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Language solutions for e-commerce address both the platform and the content
  • Localizing ecommerce platform/shopping cart app
  • Non-invasive localization of popular ecommerce platforms
  • Translation of product descriptions and specs
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Media and publishing

localizing your media content, film, books and ebooks.
Nothing is more profitable than repurposing existing media content across multiple languages. This is the best-kept secret of the news and media industry. There are, however, numerous challenges, particularly when it comes to finding multilingual talents for localizing your media content, whether of a film or of a Facebook post.
  • For news media - any mode (print, digital and electronic)
  • For entertainment media - film, tv and video: subtitling and dubbing
  • For marketing, advertisement agencies and public relations: copies and releases
  • For books and ebooks publishers (publishers and self-publishers)
  • For event and exhibition organizers and managers